Develop Schedule is the process of analyzing activity sequences, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints to create a schedule model for project execution and monitoring and controlling. This process is performed throughout the project.


1. Project management plan
– Schedule management plan
– Scope baseline
2. Project documents
– Activity attributes
– Activity list
– Assumption log
– Basis of estimates
– Duration estimates
– Lessons learned register
– Milestone list
– Project schedule network diagrams
– Project team assignments
– Resource calendars
– Resource requirements
– Risk register
3. Agreements
4. Enterprise environmental factors
5. Organizational process assets


1. Schedule network analysis
2. Critical path method
3. Resource optimization
4. Data analysis
– What-if scenario analysis
– Simulation
5. Leads and lags
6. Schedule compression
7. Project management information system
8. Agile release planning


1. Schedule baseline
2. Project schedule
3. Schedule data
4. Project calendars
5. Change requests
6. Project management plan updates
– Schedule management plan
– Cost baseline
7. Project documents updates
– Activity attributes
– Assumption log
– Duration estimates
– Lessons learned register
– Resource requirements
– Risk register

Create Project Management Tasks

In the Planning list, representing Planning Process Group, create the Develop schedule task with subtasks corresponding to the output of the Develop Schedule process:

  • Develop schedule baseline
  • Develop project schedule
  • Develop schedule data
  • Develop project calendars
  • Prepare change requests
  • Update project management plan
  • Update project documents

Create Project Management Documents

In the Docs section, create output documents:

  • Schedule Baseline
  • Project Schedule
  • Schedule Data
  • Project Calendars

A schedule baseline is the approved version of a schedule model that can be changed only through formal change control procedures and is used as a basis for comparison to actual results. The schedule baseline is a component of the project management plan.

The project schedule is an output of a schedule model that presents linked activities with planned dates, durations, milestones, and resources. At a minimum, the project schedule includes a planned start date and planned finish date for each activity.

The schedule data for the project schedule model is the collection of information for describing and controlling the schedule. The schedule data includes, at a minimum, the schedule milestones, schedule activities, activity attributes, and documentation of all identified assumptions and constraints.

A project calendar identifies working days and shifts that are available for scheduled activities. It distinguishes time periods in days or parts of days that are available to complete scheduled activities from time periods that are not available for work.

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