Case study

Development of country growth strategy for a bank


As part of the development of its payment strategy by 2024 for 8 of its priority markets, a French banking group engaged a payments consultancy to accompany them to:

  1. Establish a mapping of existing payment products and services and a diagnostic of these 8 markets
  2. Identify key products / services to be implemented to complement existing ranges offered in each market
  3. Define strategic recommendations as well as the implementation plan linked to the launch of its complementary products / services

The consultancy partnered with Delivery Partners to conduct comprehensive analytical support in one of the target markets.

Our work

Analysis of internal and external situation:

  • Internal interviews and data collection available centrally and within the country entity
  • Mapping of products (issuing, acquiring and non-cards), services and business model
  • Analysis of customer segments (retail vs. corporate including SMEs and corporates) and sales channels (proximity / POS and e-commerce)
  • Market analysis: description of the market, customer expectations, regulatory aspects and other market specifics
  • Analysis of top competitors
  • Interviews with experts in each country and case studies in similar markets

Identification and prioritization of growth opportunities:

  • Identification of a list of growth opportunities per entity based on products (issuing, acquiring, non-cards / innovative payment methods) and customer segments (retail vs. corporate)
  • Identification of common and country-specific opportunities
  • Prioritization of growth opportunities based on qualitative criteria (e.g. size of the opportunity, competitive pressure, customer needs)

Implementation plan for prioritized opportunities

  • Go to market / launch preparation by country
  • “Build / buy (M&A) / partnership” analysis for each prioritized opportunity
  • Risk analysis (market, operational, credit / fraud) and measures to mitigate these risks
  • High-level business cases of opportunities
  • Definition of the implementation plan for each opportunity and for each entity taking into account the overall strategy of the company


Delivery Partners provided analysis of internal and external situation and country SWOT analysis, identified a long list of 5 opportunities for the country, list of 3 prioritized opportunities for the country with the prioritization logic, high-level business case for each opportunity, prepared an implementation plan for each prioritized opportunity, and implementation plan for each entity, including strategic priorities, “build, buy, partnership” analysis and risks.