Case study

Growth strategy development for a transportation company


A company provides fleet leasing, rental and maintenance services for commercial businesses. A consultant was engaged to investigate opportunity to grow sales through select products & services targeted at an untapped segment. Delivery Partners helped the consultant with market analysis and capability assessment.

Our work

  • Analyzed market characteristics and client’s current value proposition
  • Conducted focus groups with private fleet owners and SMEs to develop hypotheses for improving current value proposition
  • Designed and launched a discrete-choice survey to test product & service preferences of target customer segment and to quantify size of opportunity
  • Performed a capability assessment of the organization to deliver new product offering
  • Benchmarked and verified business case assumptions 


  • Revised client’s product and service portfolio based on survey findings to target underserved customers in current and new segments
  • Business case with estimated revenue growth, required investment, and potential risks and mitigating measures