Case study

Launch of new business concept for a durable goods manufacturer


A durable goods manufacturer wanted to quickly “get in the game” with an online business leveraging an important consumer trend. The company asked a consultancy to develop consumer strategy that would allow them to achieve several goals related to this initiative as well as corporate shareholder value. Delivery Partners helped understand competitive landscape and positioning, define target segment, and develop value proposition.

Our work

  • Performed internal and external data collection through interviews and secondary research review
  • Defined the size of the target market and profiled segment characteristics
  • Developed business concept hypotheses and performed customer research to develop CVP
  • Helped in devising customer strategy for the business concept


  • Gained realistic understanding of market opportunity
  • Provided input for product / service line assortment and appropriate types of partners to approach
  • Helped develop a robust, compelling CVP that was more expansive than the client’s a priori view