Case study

Marketing planning and return on investment improvement program for auto manufacturer


Despite an increase in marketing spend volume, growth was not in accordance with the historic relationship between marketing spend and retail sales. Delivery Partners helped the consultant assess market effectiveness and evaluate strategic opportunities.

Our work

  • Assessed marketing effectiveness at a top level in eight major markets (overall marketing spend, marketing spend change, market positioning, relationship to sales, comparative returns on investment)
  • Identified and evaluated strategic opportunities to allocate marketing resources to support business plan objectives and achieve sustainable sales volume growth


  • Identified reasons for low marketing spend effectiveness, e.g. different and increased allocation of marketing spend was due to product’s life cycle and different priorities and market positions in each country but has not led to a significant increase in volume growth nor brand awareness
  • Assessed market attractiveness, e.g. testing the correlation between various economic indicators and premium car market sales showed that general economic indicators do not necessarily show a strong relation with the premium car market