Case study

Partner search for a manufacturer of electric equipment


A manufacturer of electric equipment hired a consultant to find a JV partner as a mode of entry to a new region. Delivery Partners provided comprehensive research and analysis support.

Our work


  • Defining criteria for partner attractiveness and availability
  • Market definition and segmentation

Long list and first evaluation:

  • Preparing long list with basic information through desk research (sales figures, product portfolio, country portfolio)
  • First evaluation based preliminary data

Analysis of short-listed companies:

  • Strategic position
  • Product portfolio
  • Sales network
  • Service network
  • Image
  • Strategic partners
  • Financials
  • Ownership situation

Evaluation of partner attractiveness:

  • Evaluating target attractiveness according to criteria
  • Sketching future partnership / M&A model

Win-win story and availability:

  • Establishing a win story from the potential partner’s point of view
  • Evaluating partner availability

Prioritization of potential partners / targets according to attractiveness and availability criteria


  • Selection of shortlisted companies from the long list
  • Description of strategic and financial position
  • Description of ownership situation
  • Evaluation of attractiveness according to the defined criteria (strategic fit and availability
  • Rough concept of partnership / M&A (which areas, going how far, equity participation)
  • Rough win-win story for partner