Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis in ClickUp

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis is the process of numerically analyzing the combined effect of identified individual project risks and other sources of uncertainty on overall project objectives. This process is not required for every project, but where it is used, it is performed throughout the project.


Project management plan
• Risk management plan
• Scope baseline
• Schedule baseline
• Cost baseline
Project documents
• Assumption log
• Basis of estimates
• Cost estimates
• Cost forecasts
• Duration estimates
• Milestone list
• Resource requirements
• Risk register
• Risk report
• Schedule forecasts
Enterprise environmental factors
Organizational process assets


Expert judgment
Data gathering
• Interviews
Interpersonal and team skills
• Facilitation
Representations of uncertainty
Data analysis
• Simulations
• Sensitivity analysis
• Decision tree analysis
• Influence diagrams


Project documents updates
• Risk report

Create Project Management Tasks

In the Planning list, representing Planning Process Group, create the Perform quantitative risk analysis task and the Update project documents subtask corresponding to the output of the Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis process:

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