Plan Communications Management is the process of developing an appropriate approach and plan for project communications activities based on the information needs of each stakeholder or group, available organizational assets, and the needs of the project. This process is performed periodically throughout the project as needed.


Project charter
Project management plan
• Resource management plan
• Stakeholder engagement plan
Project documents
• Requirements documentation
• Stakeholder register
Enterprise environmental factors
Organizational process assets


Expert judgment
Communication requirements analysis
Communication technology
Communication models
Communication methods
Interpersonal and team skills
• Communication styles assessment
• Political awareness
• Cultural awareness
Data representation
• Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix


Communications management plan
Project management plan updates
• Stakeholder engagement plan
Project documents updates
• Project schedule
• Stakeholder register

Create Project Management Tasks

In the Planning list, representing Planning Process Group, create the Plan communications management task and subtasks corresponding to the output of the Plan Communications Management process:

  • Develop communications management plan
  • Update project management plan
  • Update project documents

Create Project Management Documents

In the Docs section, create the Communications Management Plan output document.

The communications management plan is a component of the project management plan that describes how project communications will be planned, structured, implemented, and monitored for effectiveness. The plan contains the
following information:

  • Stakeholder communication requirements
  • Information to be communicated
  • Escalation processes
  • Reason for the distribution of that information
  • Timeframe and frequency for the distribution of required information
  • Person responsible for communicating the information
  • Person responsible for authorizing release of confidential information
  • Person or groups who will receive the information
  • Methods or technologies used to convey the information
  • Resources allocated for communication activities
  • Method for updating and refining the communications management plan
  • Glossary of common terminology
  • Flow charts of the information flow in the project
  • Constraints derived from specific legislation or regulation, technology, organizational policies, etc.

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