Plan Risk Responses in ClickUp

Plan Risk Responses is the process of developing options, selecting strategies, and agreeing on actions to address overall project risk exposure, as well as to treat individual project risks. This process is performed throughout the project.


Project management plan
• Resource management plan
• Risk management plan
• Cost baseline
Project documents
• Lessons learned register
• Project schedule
• Project team assignments
• Resource calendars
• Risk register
• Risk report
• Stakeholder register
Enterprise environmental factors
Organizational process assets


Expert judgment
Data gathering
• Interviews
Interpersonal and team skills
• Facilitation
Strategies for threats
Strategies for opportunities
Contingent response strategies
Strategies for overall project risk
Data analysis
• Alternatives analysis
• Cost-benefit analysis
Decision making
• Multicriteria decision analysis


Change requests
Project management plan updates
• Schedule management plan
• Cost management plan
• Quality management plan
• Resource management plan
• Procurement management plan
• Scope baseline
• Schedule baseline
• Cost baseline
Project documents updates
• Assumption log
• Cost forecasts
• Lessons learned register
• Project schedule
• Project team assignments
• Risk register
• Risk report

Create Project Management Tasks

In the Planning list, representing Planning Process Group, create the Plan risk responses task and subtasks corresponding to the output of the Plan Risk Responses process:

  • Prepare change requests
  • Update project management plan
  • Update project documents

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