Plan Schedule Management is the process of establishing the policies, procedures, and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing, and controlling the project schedule.

The only output of the Plan Schedule Management process is the schedule management plan. It describes the way you’ll estimate your work, track your progress, and report on it.

The inputs are other project management plans, your company’s culture and existing documents, and the project charter.

This process is performed once or at predefined points in the project.

Create Plan Schedule Management Task

A separate Project Management folder can be used to manage project management activities (as opposed to project work). In the Project Management folder, create the Plan schedule management task with a subtasks corresponding to the output of the Plan Schedule Management process: Develop schedule management plan.

Provide instructions in the task and subtask description on how to plan schedule management and develop schedule management plan.

Create Schedule Management Plan Doc

In the Docs section, create the Schedule Management Plan document. Provide document structure and content manually, paste the content from an MS Word or MS Excel document (ClickUp will do its best to transform the content into the ClickUp format) or create the doc from a company template.

Depending on the objectives of the project, the schedule management plan may be formal or informal, highly comprehensive or vaguely structured, and include the necessary control thresholds.

The schedule management plan can govern the following:

  • Project schedule model development
  • Release and iteration length
  • Level of accuracy
  • Units of measure
  • Organizational procedures links
  • Project schedule model maintenance
  • Control thresholds
  • Rules of performance measurement
  • Reporting formats

For convenience, link the doc with the corresponding task via a relationship.

Share Schedule Management Plan Doc

The Schedule Management Plan can be shared with:

  • Project sponsor(s): the person who formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities
  • Project management team: the members of the project team who are directly involved in project management activities
  • Project team: a set of individuals performing the work of the project to achieve its objectives

Here are your sharing options:

  • Everyone in the workspace (does not include guests)
  • Specific people and teams, including guests
  • People you invite to your workspace while sharing a doc
  • Specific tasks or locations

You can also:

  • Export a doc
  • Share publicly
  • Copy the Internal link to share it with your team

You can also use similar sharing options with individual pages:

  • With workspace members using the internal link
  • Export the page
  • Share publicly

Pages always inherit permissions from the doc they live in.

When sharing with specific people, you can set their permissions.

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