Plan Scope Management is the process of creating a scope management plan that documents how the project and product scope will be defined, validated, and controlled. There are two outputs of the Plan Scope Management process: the scope management plan and the requirements management plan.

The scope management plan is a component of the project management plan that describes how the scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled, and validated. The plan can be formal or informal, broadly framed or highly detailed, based on the needs of the project.

The requirements management plan is a component of the project management plan that describes how project and product requirements will be analyzed, documented, and managed. It helps ensure that the final delivery from a project aligns with the initial strategic intent.

Create Scope Management Tasks

This Plan Scope Management process is performed once or at predefined points in the project.

A separate Project Management folder can be used to coordinate project management activities (as opposed to project work). In Project Management folder create Plan scope management task along with two subtasks corresponding to the two outputs of the Plan Scope Management process: Develop scope management plan and Develop requirements management plan.

Provide instruction in the task and subtask description on how develop the documents.

Create Scope Management Docs

Create Scope Management Plan and Requirements Management Plan docs. Provide the doc structure and content manually, paste the content from an MS Word document (ClickUp will do its best to transform the content into the ClickUp format) or create the docs from a company template (organizational process assets).

Components of the scope management plan usually include:

  • Process for preparing a project scope statement
  • Process that enables the creation of the WBS from the detailed project scope statement
  • Process that establishes how the scope baseline will be approved and maintained
  • Process that specifies how formal acceptance of the completed project deliverables will be obtained

Components of the requirements management plan can include but are not limited to:

  • How requirements activities will be planned, tracked, and reported
  • Configuration management activities such as: how changes will be initiated; how impacts will be analyzed; how they will be traced, tracked, and reported; as well as the authorization levels required to approve these changes
  • Requirements prioritization process
  • Metrics that will be used and the rationale for using them
  • Traceability structure that reflects the requirement attributes captured on the traceability matrix

ClickUp’s collaboration features ensure everyone in your workspace is able to comment, edit, and work on docs at the same time, without any overlap. When someone else is editing, you see their live cursor typing. You’re also able to edit at the same time, just like Google Docs. You can add a contributor to a doc or designate a team member as the author.

In addition, comments are one of ClickUp’s most powerful tools for collaboration. Assign a comment if it requires effort from anyone on your team. This creates a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be closed.

Share Scope Management Docs

The Plan Scope Management process should be a group effort between the PM and the stakeholders.

You can share the project management plan with:

  • Project stakeholders: individuals and organizations who are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected as a result of project execution or successful project completion
  • Project management team: the members of the project team who are directly involved in project management activities
  • Project team: a set of individuals performing the work of the project to achieve its objectives

Here are your sharing options:

  • Everyone in the workspace (does not include guests)
  • Specific people and teams, including guests
  • People you invite to your workspace while sharing a doc
  • Specific tasks or locations

You can also:

  • Export a doc
  • Share publicly
  • Copy the internal link to share it with your team

When sharing with specific people, you can set their permissions.

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