Case study

Process redesign for a commercial bank


A commercial bank faced cost pressure in an environment where existing competitors had created new and cost effective delivery channels and new competition had recently entered the market. The bank engaged a consultancy to improve performance limited by sub-optimal interaction between sales and front-office channels with the back-office.

Our work

  • Collected fact base of data from sales, front-office and back office functional areas that was used in internal and external performance benchmarking analysis
  • Mapped existing workflows and technology enablers and simulated redesigned workflows and enablers
  • Identified potential opportunities across three savings levers: process redesign, consolidation, and technology utilization and enhancement


  • Re-engineering blueprint identified a reduction of FTEs and significant annualized cost savings
  • “Quick hits” that could be achieved within six to nine months and required little or no upfront investment
  • A series of system development initiatives aimed at utilizing existing loan decision support and risk management capabilities for deposit products