Case study

Real estate alliance strategy for an airport operator


An airport operator with significant land available for real estate projects within the airport perimeter was intent to draw value from land with a long-term perspective. The airport hired a consultancy to develop an alliance strategy in order to gather the capabilities and expertise along the real estate value chain necessary to carry out real estate projects and contribute to projects funding. Delivery Partners helped the consultancy with mapping and profiling potential partners and analysis of options for partnership structuring.

Our work

  • Mapped and profiled main players, based on desk research and on ~15 interviews (with real estate developers, real estate investment trusts, investors, specialists) to assess alliance potential interest
  • Conducted detailed analysis of each real estate project in terms of risk level, capabilities needed and strategic value for the airport operator
  • Defined a set of potential partners for each project based on the matching of projects and potential partners profiles


  • Detailed list of potential partners by project considered in client development plan
  • Analysis of options for partnership structuring (asset ownership structure, project bundles)