Case study

Supply chain reengineering for a technology company


An outsourcing contract for a large government agency had been difficult for the client to deliver profitably. The company engaged a consultancy to optimize the supply chain to fulfillment of customer order process, a critical inhibitor to overall profitability. Delivery Partners provided the consultant with comprehensive analytical support.

Our work

  • Developed as-is process baseline
  • Assessed current processes and developed cost, headcount and cycle time baselines
  • Analyzed current inventory balance on-hand and identified surplus
  • Developed an initial demand forecast encompassing all demand signals
  • Assisted in developing the future state model, including organization, process, tools and metrics that enable order segmentation, multiple order fill strategies, multiple order fill paths, S&OP cross enterprise coordination, faster product innovation and EOL processes


  • Future state supply chain operating model enabling revenue acceleration and cycle time reductions
  • Accelerated inventory reduction / rationalization
  • Comprehensive demand plan
  • Outline of required projects, that cover S&OP, innovation planning, inventory management, order management and reverse logistics